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Stella McCartney Clutch

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I love, love, love this Stella McCartney clutch. The bright, color changing stones on the front give the bag constant eye-catching movement with or without the effect on light, unlike sequins or crystals. Regardless of the setting, this bag will shimmer and shine with your every movement. Looking at the bag head on, you see orange and red tones, but from the side you see blues and greens. However, from any direction the phosphorous glow is mesmerizing.

Black fabric with color changing stones covering the front of the bag, this designer handbag is an oversized clutch that will amp up the color appeal of any look. It has a zipper closure and inside is a zippered pocket on the back wall. It has a wristlet strap. The bag measures Height 21cm-8.5" x Width 35cm-13.75". $1,326 Available at mytheresa.com.



Stella McCartney Falabella Snake Print Tote

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Snakeskin never gets old, even if it’s snakeskin print and not the real thing. Stella McCartney is an avid animal right’s activist, so she uses no animal products in her line, no leather, no skins…nothing. However, her faux prints are bright and vibrant, and a fraction of the costs of a real exotic.

The laid back tote becomes a drop-dead femme fatale in blood-red. Dangerous yet practical. A carry-all for every day, and an instant boost to every look.

Faux, red snakeskin with black lacing and chain around the edges, this designer handbag has a  magnetic top closure and a gunmetal-toned signature logo charm and shoulder strap. Inside is black signature logo lining, a back wall zippered pocket, and a front wall slot pocket. There is also  a matching case with clip chain attached to the inside. $1,262 Available at mytheresa.com.