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Alexander McQueen Frayed DeManta Clutch

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It's true that accessories can make or break an outfit, and one of the easiest ways to ruin a look is by pairing a big old bulky bag with an otherwise sleek look. I'm not saying big bags don't have their place (casual day wear, shopping, travel), but if your going for a glamorous look, stick with a clutch. Personally, I usually go with a bigger clutch like the Alexander McQueen DeManta, it's sizable enough to hold my essentials without taking away from the overall look. I also like an envelope clutch, especially if paired with a blazer.

Frayed, shiny patent leather with leather trim, this designer handbag has signature turned down sides and a double zippered top closure. Inside is lined with a zippered back pocket. It has a structured, platform bottom. $995 Available here.